What is ESP Thinking

The ESP range of products are aimed at providing a new set of solutions to some of the major problems facing education. A poll published in the Guardian in late 2014 showed that over half of teachers were considering leaving the profession. Having experienced this myself for five years I have tried to identify some of the central pain points and provide solutions. The first thing I had to recognise though is that education fundamentally struggles because there are no simple solutions and sometimes the issues seem to have opposing viewpoints pulling them in several directions at once. These are what I have termed as ‘educational enigmas’ and the ESP applications are some of my proposed solutions.

What makes us different?

Teaching can be a truly amazing occupation and we are not the first ones to suggest that technology can be a help. The difference with ESP though is the detail. It's not just providing tools, it is putting them right at your finger tips and making them incredibly quick to use. As we go through our set of applications we will be aiming to create new ways of tackling those time consuming, energy sapping jobs that keep taking you away from helping your students or having a life of your own.
Often in teaching the idea of automating systems is linked with cutting corners. This is not the case here. This is an attempt to give teachers working frameworks where they collect useful data quickly and then share that to help give students the indiviual help and attention they need. This isn't following trends, it is setting them.



  • ESP Seating Lite

    Seating plans
    Focus registers

  • ESP Seating Plus

    Export settings function
    OneDrive for business

  • ESP Planning

    Lesson planning
    S.O.W. indexing

  • ESP Data

    Central Cloud DB
    Parental App
    Data Analysis

  • ESP World


A series of mobile apps to transform education

Giving everyone..
Time to think

  • “ The aim of creating ESP was to help take some of the stress out of teaching. These tools are not so much about the technology but about the job and how to find ways of speeding aspects of it up.”
    Mike Stewart, ESP Thinking
  • The vision that Mike has laid out with ESP Thinking is very ambitious but if he can carry this off then he stands a chance of making a real difference, not only in making teachers lives more manageable, but also allowing them to raise standards and give more students the individual attention they need. It is for this reason that we at Tudor Grange are happy to be a part of this journey and see where it leads.
    Mr. Darren Turner, Principal-Tudor Grange Academy
  • “53% of teachers are thinking of quitting in the next couple of years. The top reasons given were “volume of workload” (61%) and “seeking a better work/life balance” (57%).”
    published results of yougov poll Guardian Sunday 4 October 2015

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  • “Did you hear about the oxygen getting together with magnesium?.. OMg”
    Mike Stewart, ESP Thinking
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    That's acute joke, ESP Thinking
  • “Water is made up of two types of gin.... oxygin and hydrogin.”
    An actual exam answer apparently


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